Tell us a little about you! How long has your store been around? How many employees? 

The Cornerstone Shop & Gallery is located in the heart of downtown Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Owners Karin & Bruce Bennett owned an art gallery in town for several years before purchasing the “Cornerstone Shoppe” (as it was formerly known) in 2007. The store now features nearly 10,000 square feet of home accessories and accent pieces, furniture and décor, baby and wedding gifts, unique clothing, jewelry and accessories, handcrafted items from local and regional artisans, fine linens and tableware, candles, original art from local and area artists, and one-of-a-kind collections of hand-blown glass and ceramics.


How did you first learn about cinda b?

A rep brought in the product line to “try it out” and return it if it didn’t perform. This worked very well, and actually, while it didn’t work the first time, I decided to try it again when I saw the new patterns (back in 2011) and it has been growing ever since!

What is your favorite pattern? Favorite travel style?

It is hard to pick a favorite, but I love Verde Bonita in the summer and Neptune for its nautical feel, which is perfect for the lake. Mod Tortoise and Jet Set Black are my favorites for travel.

The Carry-On Rolly with the Super Tote II are our go-to bags! The Super Tote is perfect as a carry-on or overnight bag, toting catalogs and “plane reading” material when I travel, and is also great for the beach or boat. Very light weight and I always get compliments in the airport wherever I go!



Where is your dream travel location?

There are many on my bucket list! Morocco, Peru, Paris (again), London, Sweden! And I totally need a bag for each trip – Cinda will have to come up with more new patterns!

What do you and your customers love most about cinda b? 

The fact that the line is Made in America is very important to us and to our customers. We love the patterns and the fact that the bags are lightweight and machine washable.



My best kept tip for hosting a party or event?

Gather a group of friends from different walks of life for an interesting mix of people for lively conversation. And prepare ahead so you have time to enjoy!

What was your most successful event at the store?

We host events throughout the year and were thrilled to have Monica Pedersen, design expert and author of “Make It Beautiful” visit the store, as well as Cinda Boomershine’s appearance in Spring 2013, when she shared her packing tips with our customers! We can’t wait for a return visit!



Thank you Cornerstone Shop & Gallery for your time and support. We are so lucky to have a Retailer like you!  -From all of us at cinda b


Daily Dose of Inspiration

September 18, 2014

Today is cancelled, go back to bed.

Wait, just kidding. But really, has this ever crossed your thoughts (especially on a Thursday, right)? It’s so easy to settle into routines, especially when summer flirts with fall. The perfect temperature makes it easy to want to snuggle further into bed and indulge in the comfort. But as tempting as mornings might be, how motivating is it to start life with a fresh sunrise and a renewed outlook? Let’s embrace this little dose of inspiration together today, okay?

9_18_14Happy Thursday Friends!


For the Free and the Brave

September 11, 2014

In light of the event that shook our country 13 years ago, we wanted to reaffirm our unwavering support and thankfulness for our land of the free and home of the brave. We are proud to wear broad stripes and bright stars through any perilous fight that comes our way. God Bless the USA…


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30 Second Dance Party…Go!

September 6, 2014

We’ve reached our final goodbye to summer and we can’t think of anything better than a summer playlist to re-live those sunny, sun-soaking memories. What was your favorite summer song? Leave a comment and it might just be added to our End of Summer Playlist.

So, ladies, put your earbuds in, turn that volume up, and have yourself a little dance party! See ya later summer!




Labor Day is one of our favorites to celebrate at cinda b. A well-crafted, functional product that’s made right here in the USA sure makes our hearts flutter. We take pride in our unique process of creation. It’s a journey featuring the maker and celebrating the handmade. Isn’t that what Labor Day is all about? That moment when you hear the buzz of a sewing machine, zipping through various stiches. When you see the chairs that are filled with genuine people diligently honing their craft. It’s that feeling of dedication to the creativity and functionality of a cinda b product that begins and ends in America.

We’ve captured various moments of our American Made journey to share with you. This little virtual tour roots for the process of turning an American dream into a quality crafted, well-designed American-made product.


LaborDay_BlogPost5 LaborDay_BlogPost8LaborDay_BlogPost9LaborDay_BlogPost3

LaborDay_BlogPost LaborDay_BlogPost2LaborDay_BlogPost4LaborDay_BlogPost14LaborDay_BlogPost11LaborDay_BlogPost10LaborDay_BlogPost12LaborDay_BlogPost7LaborDay_BlogPost6LaborDay_BlogPost17LaborDay_BlogPost15LaborDay_BlogPost16LaborDay_BlogPost18



Thank you for supporting American Made. We hope you all have a lovely Labor Day!

xo, the cinda b team


F A L L F A S H I O N 1 0 1

August 27, 2014


So, how is the first part of the school year going? We hope you’ve found ways to get involved, make new friends, and settle into your first round of classes. We were reminiscing about our first weeks of school around the office. We all agreed that there was nothing more exciting than picking out outfits for the first week of school! Don’t you agree?

Just in case you need a little outfit inspiration, we’ve created some looks that coordinate with some of our cinda b bags we are crushing on for back to school. 


The back to class look features the Horizontal Tote in Noir. Can we talk about this Flamingo Tee? Check it out here.


Take a look at the Stained Glass Metro Bag for a walk around campus. Dress in layers, starting with this lightweight cozy sweater.


If you’re in need for a weekend away, you’ll love the Neptune Weekender II. Be sure to boost an on-the-go outfit with a little accessory that makes a big statement.