Getting to know Cinda Boomershine – Part 1 “Favorites”

July 14, 2010

If you read our blog, visit our website, follow our tweets or interact with us on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen designer Cinda Boomershine’s pearly whites. Because not only is Cinda a gifted designer, but she’s also a perfect model for the handbag company she founded! Actually, there are a lot of great things about Cinda that you don’t know. That’s why we’ve questioned her about her deepest secrets (well, sort of!) and are sharing her answers with you! We hope you enjoy part 1 in this series…

Getting to Know Cinda Boomershine – “My Favorites”
cinda with blue city satchel, white flower

Hometown? Atlanta, GA (So we started off with a few background details)

Where did you go to college? Vanderbilt University for undergrad, GA State for my MBA

Favorite Movie(s)? Princess Bride & The Thomas Crown Affair

Favorite Quote(s)? “Work Hard, Play Hard”

Favorite Designer(s)? Coco Chanel, David Hicks, Trina Turk, Tom Ford

Favorite drink? Water with a lemon and a lime or a freshly made mojito with heaps of muddled mint (Mmmm! Can you make us one, Cinda?)

Favorite Pandora station? Jamiroquai Radio

Favorite people to follow on twitter?
Martha Stewart, Jillian Harris, Tori Spelling, Heather B Armstrong

Favorite Childhood memory? I was blessed to have a pretty idyllic childhood, so it is really hard to pick just one moment.  But as a child I lived for Halloween.  My best Halloween was the year I dressed up as a kangaroo.  I wanted a costume that incorporated my candy bag so that I had both hands free to easily run from house to house.  I thought a kangaroo would be perfect as the pouch would make a perfect candy bag.  My Mom made me a sweet kangaroo suit and I scored heaps and heaps of candy.  I guess that was the start of my love of functional fashion :)  (Pictures please!)

Favorite Sport – to play or observe: I much prefer playing sports rather than observing them.  My favorites are wake surfing, snowboarding, hiking and running.  I also love jumping on my trampoline — although that isn’t really a sport.  My favorite sporting event to attend is Super Cross.  My husband and I go every year.

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