Getting to Know Cinda Boomershine — Part 2 “Life with cinda b”

July 20, 2010

Last time we shared with you some of Cinda’s favorite things, including mojitos and Supercross. Today, we’ve got some more skinny about the cinda b Founder and Designer. Ever wonder which cinda b bag was designed first? Or where Cinda gets her inspiration? Keep reading to find out!

Getting to Know Cinda Boomershine — “Life with cinda b”

Cinda Boomershine on TBS Set
How would you describe life as the cinda b designer? Fabulously fun, crazy, unpredictable and intense.

Where do you get inspiration for your bags? Everywhere! I especially love estate sales for vintage items that inspire my patterns. I also love talking with customers about what they want in a bag. (So send her your ideas!)

What was the first cinda b bag you made? A Weekender. I knew from the very start that I wanted custom fabrics and that I needed a manufacturer to make the bags. But I also knew that if I had a sample in hand it would be easier to find a manufacturer and a fabric supplier. So I purchased some cotton quilted fabric at my local fabric store and sewed the very first cinda b. It looked rough but it functioned just as I wanted. It also was the key to finding my first manufacturer in California.

Funniest cinda b moment? Back when I was shipping all the bags myself out of my guest bedroom, I accidentally mistook the bag I was shipping for my own purse. I stuck my cell phone in the front pocket of that bag and then shipped the bag to the customer, cell phone and all. (Hopefully you got it back!)

Your favorite cinda b bag? Today it is a Seraphina Sun Yellow Vertical Tote because the color makes me happy and the style is extremely functional for my lifestyle. If I had to pick just three styles of cinda b that I couldn’t live without I’d say the Vacationer (because I am a hopeless over-packer and I love to travel), the Resorter (because it is so versatile—it can be a carry-on, a beach bag, or a large day tote around the city), and the Flat Iron Cover (because I have insanely curly hair that must be tamed).

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