Getting to Know Cinda Boomershine – Part 3 “Life outside of cinda b”

August 3, 2010

In part one of this series, we told you about Cinda’s favorite things. Then, in the second installation, we shared her cinda b life. Now, in this third and final chapter, we find out a little more about Cinda’s interests outside of her cinda b company. (Yes, she does have a life outside of cinda b—every once in a while!) Interested in a few of this handbag designer’s interests?  Keep reading!

Getting to Know Cinda BoomershineLife outside of cinda b

Cinda Boomersine

What’s on your iPod? I have quite a variety—everything from Mozart to Snoop Dog.  I particularly love anything with a strong beat that I can dance or run to—Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz, Lady Gaga, JT, The Cult… But I also love more mellow music like Robin Thicke and John Legend.  In the summer I am all about reggae with Pepper being my current favorite.

What do you like to do outside of designing cinda b bags? I still do some interior design for a handful of wonderful clients and work with TBS on Movie and a Makeover.  When I am not working, I am either catching up with friends or outside participating in one of my favorite sporting activities.

Favorite Movie and a Makeover episode? As far as transformations go, the living room makeover I did in a bachelor pad is my favorite.  I also loved the makeover when my carpenter accidentally drilled through a water pipe.  At the time, it was quite the drama.  In hindsight, it was hilarious! (You can see clips of Cinda on Movie and a Makeover on our YouTube channel!)

Ever met someone famous? I have been around famous people — but I freeze up and am totally incapable of talking to them — even when they are talking directly to me.  I seriously freeze.  I can’t speak, I can’t smile, I can’t do anything.  My husband finds it hilarious.  I find it humiliating.  I am also notorious for not recognizing famous people.  I had a lovely conversation with Jennifer Nettles a few months ago and had no clue who I was speaking with.  It was probably a good thing as had I known I would have done my usual “celebrity freeze.”

Favorite vacation spot? Traveling is my passion so it is impossible to pick just one favorite — so here are a few of my favorites….Lake Burton, GA, Park City, UT, St Barts. Alys Beach, FL, Palm Beach, FL anywhere in Italy or New Zealand. (Let’s go!)

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