Cinda’s 2010 Tradeshow Recap

August 13, 2010


Whew, we just wrapped up another wild and fun tradeshow season.  What is trade show season you ask?  Well, it is when we attend special shows in a few select cities in order to introduce the brand new cinda b styles and patterns to the wonderful stores that sell cinda b or who are considering carrying cinda b in their gift store or boutique.  The two trade show seasons for our retailers are in January/February and June/July each year.

It’s a little bit like finals week used to be at school (if I may use a little school analogy, after all, it is back-to-school season).  Remember finals week?  You spent the semester preparing.  Then you turned in your hard work and hoped to get an A. Well, tradeshow season is a bit like that, but way more fun!  Instead of spending a couple months researching and writing a paper on How Sesame Street and MTV have shortened the attention span of today’s youth and thereby altered the way we learn (yes, I actually wrote a paper on that in college), my team and I spend the months leading up to tradeshow season designing new bag styles and patterns for you.  Then, we reveal our hard work at the tradeshows and hope everyone loves it. (See our 2010 Spring/Summer line)

This season we introduced one new pattern and five new styles, including a great new “cinda b Tech” line – all of which will be on our website soon, so check back often :).  Each cinda b pattern is a true expression of me, my style and my artistic ability as a designer, so I have to admit that introducing them is always a bit nerve racking – again, much like turning in a final term paper.   But thankfully, everyone seemed to love all the new stuff, which of course made me smile (and breathe a big sigh of relief!).

There are a few differences between finals week and tradeshow season, of course.   My favorite is that unlike school, where finals were always in boring old classrooms that smelled of chalk or white board pens, tradeshows are held in great venues.  This year we had fabulous shows in Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago.  I was fortunate to spend time at all three.  It was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces in each city and making some new friends along the way.  I am delighted that we had so many new stores join our “cinda b family.”  THANK YOU to everyone who was a part of making this tradeshow season such a success.

But alas, just like school, as soon as you are done with show season, it starts all over again.  So, I am off to continue my design work on the new 2011 styles and patterns.  If you have suggestions of colors or styles that you would like, please let me know.  In the meantime, stay tuned as we reveal our new Fall 2010 pattern and styles.  I hope you love them and give us an A :)


Cinda Boomershine

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