Top 10 Non-Traditional Uses for cinda b Bags and Accessories

October 5, 2010

During an office chat a few weeks ago, we realized that several women in our office, or their friends, have found new and creative ways to use their cinda b bags and accessories. It can be fun to bend the rules a little bit…

In honor of bending the rules, we’re sharing our Top 10 Non-traditional uses for cinda b Bags and Accessories with you!

  1. Accessory: Flat/Curling Iron Cover
    New Use: Storage pouch for a stethoscope
  2. Accessory: Jewelry Case
    New Use: Sewing kit or beading and jewelry-making supply case
  3. Accessory: Lingerie Bag
    New Use: Protects shoes or separate wet swimsuits in your suitcase
  4. Accessory: Snack Pak
    New Use: Mini, portable cooler for Insulin. OR Easy way to keep breast milk separated and cool in a baby bag.
  5. Accessory: Pouchette
    New Use: A carrying case for a Nintendo DS, including power cords and games!
  6. Accessory: Hanging Cosmetic
    New Use: Hang in your closet to organize jewelry and accessories. OR Store knitting and sewing notions
  7. Accessory: Sunglasses Case
    New Use: Fashionable and discreet storage for feminine products in your purse.
  8. Accessory: Laptop Sleeve
    New Use: Portfolio for loose paper and files.
  9. Accessory: Hipster
    New Use: Hands-free lens bag for photographers.
  10. Accessory: Diaper Pouch
    New Use: Case for portable DVD players.

Do you creatively bend the rules with any of your cinda b bags and accessories? We want to hear your creative, non-traditional uses for our bags and accessories! Let us know what you come up with by leaving a comment below!

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