cinda b Takes Care of Business! 5 Corporate Gift Ideas

October 21, 2010

Looking for business gifts for the upcoming holiday season? Well, if you want to take care of the ladies who make your business a success, consider cinda b.

We have something for professionals of all backgrounds! Whether the women in your company are new moms, jet-setters, active or techy, we’ve got a gift they’re sure to love.

We know how important it is to say “thank you” to the people that make your business successful. That’s why we attended the Motivation Show in Chicago earlier this month. The Motivation Show “is the place where corporate America comes to learn how to motivate salespeople to sell, encourage customers to remain loyal, and reward employees for improved performance.”

That’s also why we’re providing you with 5 Corporate Gift Ideas From cinda b!

  1. ID + Key $19
    With this little case, your female employees will be holding all the cards. Perfect for storing business cards!
  2. Happy $15
    The Happy will give ladies a reason to be just that. This small, zippered pouch is perfect for carrying little necessities, and fits neatly inside a larger purse or handbag.
  3. eReader Cover $43
    With eBook readers being all the rage these days, why not reward your female professionals with a stylish (and, of course, functional!) cover?
  4. Key Fob $13
    Make life a little easier for working women (they do the same for you) with a hands-free ways to keep track of their keys!
  5. Resorter $43
    Travelers, mothers and active lifestyles alike will enjoy the Resorter – versatile enough for a trip to the gym, or a day out running errands. It really is the ultimate carry-on and carry-all! The real secret, however, is the removable inner pocket – just grab and go!

Has your company every given cinda b bags as a gift? Was it something on this list? Let us know!

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