What to Wear: Winter White

December 7, 2010

It’s been a long-standing fashion rule that the first Monday in September is the last day to wear white. However, it’s also been a long-standing rule that no one quite knows how or why this rule came to be.

We like what the folks at Esquire have to say about it, “There are rules, and there are rules that are meant to be broken…So, yes, it’s okay to keep on your summer whites…as long as they’re not summer whites.”

So, white is okay in the winter…if it’s not white?  Exactly.

Do you dare to wear white this winter? If so, here are a few great options of the perfect winter whites:

  1. Ivory Headband
    winter white headband
    This chic headband is a great contrast to the browns, grays and blacks that fill many winter wardrobes. Make a statement with this winter white piece, perfect for the modern woman.
  2. Whisper White Ruffle Scarf
    winter white scarf
    This soft, ruffled scarf from Ann Taylor Loft is both edgy and romantic. Pair it with a dark sweater or coat to stand out in a crowd.
  3. Double-Cloth Day Coat
    winter white coat
    J. Crew’s Day Coat in Sea Salt is not only a bold way to wear winter white, but also flattering and feminine. With this coat, you’ll throw all the white fashion rules right out the window.
  4. Ravinia Ivory City Satchel
    Cinda - Winter white handbag
    The off-white, crème-ish, ivory color of our Ravinia Ivory pattern isn’t pure white—making it a perfect winter white! Designer Cinda Boomershine is the picture of class while pairing it with a black pea coat and gray hat.

Do you wear winter white? What are your personal rules about the trend? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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