Best Days to Pack Up Your Rolly and Go!

October 17, 2012

Yesterday, USA Today published a short list of the best days to fly based on airfare, which got us thinking about the upcoming holiday travel season.

Not surprisingly Thanksgiving Day was tops on the list.  According to the paper, airfares are about 40% less that day.  If you can’t fly on TG Day at least try to avoid the Wednesday before and the Sunday and Monday after when fares are at a premium.

The next best day is December 18th – the last day before the airlines’ Christmas season – on the 19th, airfares go up by about 30% for the last two weeks of the year, although Christmas and New Year’s flights are marked down a tad.

Our fabulous Rolly and Super Tote II ensemble (shown above in Empire Slate) will make getting around on these holidays a breeze!

Thinking about a trip to Paris in the Spring?  March 20th is your day.   The day after departures to Europe go up in price by 20% or more.

Let’s go to Tokyo – on June 3rd!  Fly the monster airliner A380 via Singapore Airlines for $852 round-trip from the west coast.

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