5 ways to happiness {at college} with the Happy Stack

August 7, 2013

Always being on-the-go at college means you are going to need some stylish accessories to help keep you organized. Stand out and “b unique” with our personal favorite, the Happy Stack. Whether you are an art major or a business major, the Happy Stack will keep you and all your little things organized and easy to manage!


Stash a pair of headphones in the small Happy for when you make your cross-campus jaunt to your next class. You won’t be struggling to find and untangle your headphones because they will be neatly tucked inside your small Happy.


Keep your flash drives safe and “findable” with the small Happy. After you’ve worked so hard on that package design, you don’t want to misplace it when you are getting ready to present it to the class!


When you are needing to study for that dreaded science exam, make simple study flash cards and store them inside the medium Happy. Your stylish and colorful flash card holder might even boost your motivation to ace that test!


Needing to freshen up in between classes? Pack some beauty essentials in the large Happy to add some color to your lips, gather your hair into a pony, or put on a splash of perfume.


Store your unique pens, pencils, highlighters, etc in the large Happy to keep all of your goodies in one place so you won’t have to dig through your Horizontal Tote when note taking time comes around!

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