The Weekender: Blooming Monogram for Mom

May 2, 2014


In honor of those two days we look forward to all week, we’ve gathered a little something to spark your creativity. Let’s jump for joy, pull out those scissors, and get crafty because here’s a fabulous DIY to start your weekend off right.

Oh, and what a wonderful idea to DIY for Mom. Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is May 11th!









The List of Goodies:

paper mache letters
exacto knife
floral foam
glue gun
wire cutters
silk or tissue flowers

How to:

1. Using your exacto knife, cut off the front of the letters.
2. Cut floral foam into shapes that fit letter and secure with glue.
3. Trim the silk flowers, leaving a short stem, and position into the foam. Use glue if necessary.
4. Arrange beautifully!

If you can’t figure out the perfect way to show Mom how much she is loved, head over to¬† to find something she will always carry with her.


*Photography credit: Pinterest
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