Behind the Scenes

August 5, 2014

Photo shoots are so much fun, it’s the time when everything just magically comes to life. From dressing models to prepping product, it takes a village to get all things ready to go! We are sharing our a fun little video from our friends over at Galliher Photography to show you a sneak peek from behind the scenes of the shoot. This team is so much fun to work with!NEW_sparkleline


PS: We also have to thank our friends from Fornash, House of Furniture, Hyde Brothers Books, and Dogeared Jewelry for loaning us some of their pretty fantastic goods for the shoot. Be on the look when you see the imagery. Thanks everyone!


Fall in love…

August 3, 2014

We are so excited to debut our newest Fall 2014 pattern to the cinda b lineup! We’ve been waiting months to talk about it, and now we are so thrilled to be able to show it off to all of you! The design process takes quite some time: from the design, to coloring, to picking fabric colors, to webbing selection to stitch color and revise, revise, revise… until it’s absolutely PERFECT. It’s certainly a labor of love.

Our latest pattern, Stained Glass, is so happy and cheery—we are head over heels in love. Stained Glass was inspired by the old-world textures and patterns seen in Gothic architecture. It’s rich hues play together like sun dancing through brightly colored glass. Bold hues of magenta and bright orange contrast with earthy espresso brown to create a sophisticated, yet playful palette that is perfect year-round.





We think the pink is the perfect pairing with the espresso brown and hopefully, you will too. Head on over to for all of our new pieces and to see the full line.

Oh…and leave a comment and we’ll surprise a lucky few with some of our new pieces!


Imagery courtesy of Pinterest


Dress your Desktop

July 23, 2014




Sometimes, all you need to get over the hump of midweek madness is a deep breath, a cup of coffee
(or two) and a little inspiration. We believe the easiest way to refresh your day is a simple change of scenery. With that said, we have a couple designs to dress your desktop with a dose of inspiration.
Click away, friends!


Desktop 1

 →  c l i c k   i m a g e   t o   d o w n l o a d   ←

Desktop 2

  →  c l i c k   i m a g e   t o   d o w n l o a d   ←



  →  c l i c k   i m a g e   t o   d o w n l o a d   ←



  →  c l i c k   i m a g e   t o   d o w n l o a d   ←




  →  c l i c k   i m a g e   t o   d o w n l o a d   ←




Strut your stuff girl.

July 18, 2014

“Confidence” is our mantra today.
Because what’s more beautiful than a woman who can strut that stuff?


We decided to kick-start the weekend with positivity and happiness,
so we made a list of 5 easy ways to become more confident. Try them out!







All About the Fourth

July 11, 2014

A look back on all the fun we had last weekend! Geez, why can’t all of July be celebrated like this?

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. When I think back on what it is I love about the Fourth of July it’s all the memories made with family, usually at the lake, the fireworks and the food (because who doesn’t love summer cookouts?).

Here at cinda b we were so excited for our holiday weekend to begin so we could all celebrate the magic and wonder of Independence Day! Everyone here was off to visit family, watch fireworks at the lake, or to simply enjoy a sunny day celebrating here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

My weekend was spent in Chicago honoring the holiday with a cookout and some fireworks to end the night! I rocked my made in America cinda b Hipster which was perfect for walking through the crowded streets of the city during the day and for a night watching fireworks light up the sky on the lake.


The Fourth_BlogPost


Check out some of the freedom festivities some of us around the office snapped a pic of! We’d love to know how you spent your Fourth of July this year. Did cinda b tag along with you? To spread our love of made in America products, one of you lucky Americans might even WIN a little something.

Happy Commenting,

Stephanie {cb Summer Intern}



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One of our favorite words: Weekend. We have been holding out of some of our favorite things to try, taste, and do.






Add a pinch of color and a splash of refresh to your weekend with this simple Fruit Ice Cube recipe. { slurp, ahh } We love this idea to add a festive touch to a weekend get-together with friends, or even to just make a family night extra special.





We’ve been chatting about what to wear over the 4th of July weekend around the office. Something summery, fun, patriotic-and super cute of course. Now to find all of those in one outfit… it may seem daunting, but no worries, we pulled an outfit inspiration for you and paired it with our subtly patriotic Uptown Wristlet in Amore.




To add a little gleam to your decor, say living room or patio, try this simple DIY. Turn a simple votive into a gold, glamorous candle holder to add twinkle to your patio, or fill with pretty peonies to freshen up your indoors. We’re all about simple pleasures!




We believe that kindness is always fashionable. Help us spread the word by repinning, reposting, or simply taking this affirmation to heart throughout our favorite days of the week, Saturday and Sunday.