Hats Off!

May 23, 2014

Whether you are graduating from high school or college, graduation is a time for celebrating new beginnings. The caps have been thrown and the commencement speeches have been given. Now, we’ve gathered some gifts we are loving this season that will travel with your graduate through the next adventures in their life.



A quick visit home, a road trip with the girls, or simply hitting the gym, the Weekender II is the perfect packing bag for a change of clothes or two and weekend beauty essentials.



Be prepared for those walks across campus and stay hands-free with one of our go-to cross body bags, the Saddle Bag II.



If she’s calling the dorms home, the Vertical Cosmetic II will help keep her essentials tidy and organized.



Download this FREE desktop wallpaper here. Repin and send to your Graduate to remind them of the how far they’ve come!




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 This week on The Weekender we are handbags over heals for a couple of our favorite things.              Here is a to-do list to make your weekend a little brighter and more relaxing.
T H I N G   T O   D O  •

Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and say “Why not?!”… This weekend, instead of the usual bottled water or soda, splurge on new, healthier “fancy” drinks to stock your fridge. You’ll be spoiling yourself every time you go for a refreshment you can feel good about.

T H I N G  T O  T R Y   •

Feeling a little tense from the work week? They say we hold stress in our hips, so take a few minutes for yourself and try the pigeon pose. You’ll be honing your inner yogi with this easy, releasing pose. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

T H I N G   T O   M A K E  •

This weekend is all about Mom. If you are looking for a recipe to wow her on Sunday, follow these simple 1-2-3 directions for a heart-felt meal.


* “Fancy Drinks” image found on Pinterest.
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All for Mom

May 8, 2014


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so we’ve asked some of our friends around cinda b headquarters to share a little bit about the mom in their life and what makes her so special. They even dropped a stylish hint on what their favorite items are for Mom this year. Let’s hear what they have to say:


“My Mom and I had the opportunity to travel almost every weekend together growing up. Throughout all our life adventures, my Mom always assured me that positive energy is contagious. With confidence and a smile, you can accomplish anything.

For traveling Moms like mine, I would suggest giving her a gift for all of her travel essentials so she can explore the world in style. The Jet Set Black Market Tote permits lots of packing space and easy organization with a roomy interior and many pockets, both inside and out.

Some other suggestions to store her beauty essentials are the Vertical Cosmetic II, Jolly, and Flight Friendly Travel Pouch.”  – Kate


Mother's Day Blog Post


“While my mom has taught me so much, I would say the greatest things I’ve learned from her are strength, perseverance and the belief that anything is possible. Now that I’m a mom of three boys, (the newest just last week), I cherish in teaching them the power of never giving up.

Since it’s only been a week since I had our third, I haven’t ventured out much. I’ve realized that baby products have changed quite dramatically in the five years since we had our last son. There are so many well-designed products to tote along.

I’m currently carrying the Babe-a-licious Baby Bag in Empire Slate. It makes heading out feel cute and stylish. I can carry all the essentials for baby and slip my Continental Zip Wallet II and keys inside so I’m not toting a ton of bags with me.” - Jennifer


Mother's Day Blog Post2


“My mom is the most giving person I know, so I love to spoil her any chance I get. My mom has a very active lifestyle, travels often, and is always on-the-go. The Hipster II is her favorite accessory, so I think she will love a new one in our brand new Neptune pattern. My mom often dresses in breezy whites during the summer, so this nautical bag will fit her chic style effortlessly. ” - Alex

The Hipster II, Sunglasses Case, Pocket Wallet, and Coin + Camera are the perfect tag-a-longs for daily jaunts.


Mother's Day Blog Post3


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In honor of those two days we look forward to all week, we’ve gathered a little something to spark your creativity. Let’s jump for joy, pull out those scissors, and get crafty because here’s a fabulous DIY to start your weekend off right.

Oh, and what a wonderful idea to DIY for Mom. Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is May 11th!









The List of Goodies:

paper mache letters
exacto knife
floral foam
glue gun
wire cutters
silk or tissue flowers

How to:

1. Using your exacto knife, cut off the front of the letters.
2. Cut floral foam into shapes that fit letter and secure with glue.
3. Trim the silk flowers, leaving a short stem, and position into the foam. Use glue if necessary.
4. Arrange beautifully!

If you can’t figure out the perfect way to show Mom how much she is loved, head over to cindab.com to find something she will always carry with her.


*Photography credit: Pinterest


We are headed South for this post of our b Spotted series. Please give a warm welcome to Accents Find Home Interiors and Gifts, all the way from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


Tell us a little about you! How long has your store been around? How many employees?

I opened Accents 7 years ago this coming November. I was an emergency room nurse who wanted a change of scenery before starting a family. We took a huge leap of faith and opened a home decor store. I have 5 employees, 6 including me.

How did you first learn about cinda b?

I found cinda b in Atlanta when it was still in the CMA showroom. Gifts were not something that we sold at our store, but as the markets changed I started looking for lines that would be great pick ups but still an elegant product. We started small with cinda b, but in September 2012 we tripled our store space and my large cinda b corner was born. We have three cinda b full size fixtures and an island fixture. We carry all of the patterns but specialize in travel products and special order handbags.

What inspired you to start carrying cinda b?

We sell cinda b for any and all occasions. It’s a huge draw at graduation for those wanting to purchase the girls a more grown up look, but of course being in the south we still monogram it. The best thing about the product is that it’s a great “add-to” gift. Customers will walk in and purchase the entire line in one swoop or make wish lists for themselves.

What is your favorite pattern and style?

My favorite pattern as of today is Neptune, but I personally have a variety of bags in different patterns. My favorite bag is the Horizontal Tote II because it’s my brief case and carryall for work. I carry it every single day. It’s in Ravinia Black.



Where is your dream travel location? What bag would you carry and why?

I would love to travel to Hawaii, and of course I would have to take the Beach Bag II for that…in Neptune!

What do your customers love most about cinda b?

My customers love cinda b and have formed a great following. They love the styles, fabrics and the fact that they can be washed is a huge plus. The cinda b love picked up even more after Cinda herself came to visit the store. She was so personable and easy to talk to. My customers feel like they “know” her now.

What is your biggest cinda b success story and why?

My biggest cinda b success story is not necessarily about my customers but about Y’all! Second to having the honor of Cinda coming to our store, was your company’s huge heart. I am a member of our local junior auxiliary and one of the projects we spent a lot of time on in this volunteer organization is youth shelter. This is a shelter that takes in abused children taken from their homes, and most all of the children come to this shelter with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and maybe a few belongings in a garbage bag. We saw a need to provide luggage and the first thing I did was call my sales rep and ask if I could purchase retired, discontinued bags to donate to the children. Y’all did one better and donated 30 Overnighter bags to this charity and I was honored to be able to be a part of this and of course our cinda b following greatly expanded after seeing the “heart” behind the company.


As a Retail Store owner, what are a few tips you have learned along the way?

As a shop owner, I am a little stubborn to conform to the ways of others because I love to display in my own style. But this is one product that because you have done your research, it is best out on a cinda b display. I learned this from y’all and have carried it over to other lines. So when in doubt get the displays and lots of them. Also knowledge and more knowledge is the way to sell a product. The more you or your employees use something the better you sell it.

My best kept tip for hosting a party or event at your store?

The best tip I can say about hosting an event is advertise and ask any and every one you know to please stop by and then spread the word. Giveaways are great too.



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Hop into Hue

April 17, 2014

Hop into Hue


Don’t get us wrong, we love a soft pastel palette, but sometimes you just have to mix it up a little bit. Jump into the bright side and splash some color around. Maybe use a bright ocean water turoqoise, make everything glisten with some gold foil, or simply use a handy dandy Sharpie to do the trick. Whatever you’re dreaming up, here’s a gateway to getting your hands messy. Here are some of our favorite DIYs for this Easter egg hunting weekend.


1. How fun would it be to decorate “life-sized Easter eggs”? Get out the paints, and a wash rag or two, and dive into this engaging activity with the littles.

2. Are you in love with all things gold-foiled? We sure are, if you haven’t noticed.

3. Here’s a little DIY for the gardener at heart. Make a simple statement with this lovely little centerpiece idea.

4. A fluffy, cuddly bunny. Just for oohs and ahhs!

5. Grab those sharpies all you artists out there. Easter is your time to shine!

Have you ran out of easter egg filler ideas? We created a free printable that will get the kids, or kids at heart, hopping around (literally)! Be sure to click over to our Easter Pinterest Board to delight in some more color-filled Easter fun!