We are headed South for this post of our b Spotted series. Please give a warm welcome to Accents Find Home Interiors and Gifts, all the way from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


Tell us a little about you! How long has your store been around? How many employees?

I opened Accents 7 years ago this coming November. I was an emergency room nurse who wanted a change of scenery before starting a family. We took a huge leap of faith and opened a home decor store. I have 5 employees, 6 including me.

How did you first learn about cinda b?

I found cinda b in Atlanta when it was still in the CMA showroom. Gifts were not something that we sold at our store, but as the markets changed I started looking for lines that would be great pick ups but still an elegant product. We started small with cinda b, but in September 2012 we tripled our store space and my large cinda b corner was born. We have three cinda b full size fixtures and an island fixture. We carry all of the patterns but specialize in travel products and special order handbags.

What inspired you to start carrying cinda b?

We sell cinda b for any and all occasions. It’s a huge draw at graduation for those wanting to purchase the girls a more grown up look, but of course being in the south we still monogram it. The best thing about the product is that it’s a great “add-to” gift. Customers will walk in and purchase the entire line in one swoop or make wish lists for themselves.

What is your favorite pattern and style?

My favorite pattern as of today is Neptune, but I personally have a variety of bags in different patterns. My favorite bag is the Horizontal Tote II because it’s my brief case and carryall for work. I carry it every single day. It’s in Ravinia Black.



Where is your dream travel location? What bag would you carry and why?

I would love to travel to Hawaii, and of course I would have to take the Beach Bag II for that…in Neptune!

What do your customers love most about cinda b?

My customers love cinda b and have formed a great following. They love the styles, fabrics and the fact that they can be washed is a huge plus. The cinda b love picked up even more after Cinda herself came to visit the store. She was so personable and easy to talk to. My customers feel like they “know” her now.

What is your biggest cinda b success story and why?

My biggest cinda b success story is not necessarily about my customers but about Y’all! Second to having the honor of Cinda coming to our store, was your company’s huge heart. I am a member of our local junior auxiliary and one of the projects we spent a lot of time on in this volunteer organization is youth shelter. This is a shelter that takes in abused children taken from their homes, and most all of the children come to this shelter with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and maybe a few belongings in a garbage bag. We saw a need to provide luggage and the first thing I did was call my sales rep and ask if I could purchase retired, discontinued bags to donate to the children. Y’all did one better and donated 30 Overnighter bags to this charity and I was honored to be able to be a part of this and of course our cinda b following greatly expanded after seeing the “heart” behind the company.


As a Retail Store owner, what are a few tips you have learned along the way?

As a shop owner, I am a little stubborn to conform to the ways of others because I love to display in my own style. But this is one product that because you have done your research, it is best out on a cinda b display. I learned this from y’all and have carried it over to other lines. So when in doubt get the displays and lots of them. Also knowledge and more knowledge is the way to sell a product. The more you or your employees use something the better you sell it.

My best kept tip for hosting a party or event at your store?

The best tip I can say about hosting an event is advertise and ask any and every one you know to please stop by and then spread the word. Giveaways are great too.



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Hop into Hue

April 17, 2014

Hop into Hue


Don’t get us wrong, we love a soft pastel palette, but sometimes you just have to mix it up a little bit. Jump into the bright side and splash some color around. Maybe use a bright ocean water turoqoise, make everything glisten with some gold foil, or simply use a handy dandy Sharpie to do the trick. Whatever you’re dreaming up, here’s a gateway to getting your hands messy. Here are some of our favorite DIYs for this Easter egg hunting weekend.


1. How fun would it be to decorate “life-sized Easter eggs”? Get out the paints, and a wash rag or two, and dive into this engaging activity with the littles.

2. Are you in love with all things gold-foiled? We sure are, if you haven’t noticed.

3. Here’s a little DIY for the gardener at heart. Make a simple statement with this lovely little centerpiece idea.

4. A fluffy, cuddly bunny. Just for oohs and ahhs!

5. Grab those sharpies all you artists out there. Easter is your time to shine!

Have you ran out of easter egg filler ideas? We created a free printable that will get the kids, or kids at heart, hopping around (literally)! Be sure to click over to our Easter Pinterest Board to delight in some more color-filled Easter fun!





The Baby Collection

April 3, 2014


You may have already heard, but we are just so excited about the exclusive, limited addition Baby Collection. Cinda’s little helper, Belle, decided to join in on the fun.




9Although the Baby Bag isn’t a new addition to the line, the price sure is. Tote Mommy and Baby’s essentials in style for only $99.




8Keep Baby’s bottles cool with the insulated Baby Bottle Bag. Their bottles never looked so cute.





7 The Baby Changing Station is perfect to keep in the car stocked with diapers and wipes when Mommy and Baby are out on the town.




For a limited time, head over to the site and purchase the Babe-a-Licious Baby Bag II for only $99 (originally $118). Also, the Baby Changing Station and Baby Bottle Bag are great tag-a-long accessories for mommy on-the-go for only $29. And just in case you aren’t jumping for joy yet, purchase a Baby Bag and receive the Baby Changing Station or the Baby Bottle Bag for only $20, yes $20, just by using the code cbbaby at checkout.




b Featured

March 27, 2014

We are crushing on the Jolly this week. Perfect for your everyday or week away!

How do you pack yours?



b spotted: Pear & Simple

March 24, 2014

Welcome to the debut arrival of our newest series, b spotted. This is a way for us to share more about our amazing retailers and all that they do. Introducing Pear & Simple…

Nestled in the sweet town of Port Washington, Wisconsin, this store is chic, unique, and absolutely adorable. Check them out if you are in the area!


How long has your store been around?
P&S: 3 Years. We opened on Dec. 2nd, 2010 – six weeks after we decided we were going to do it! We’re crazy, we get that, but who doesn’t love a challenge?

How many employees?
We have 12 outstanding employees. We also have what we call our “special teams”. Our Special Teams is a group of sisters, friends & cousins that enjoy being a part of the busy seasons and special events at the store.


How did you first learn about cinda b?
Sister/Aunt saw the line, loved it and thought it would be perfect for Pear & Simple.

What is your favorite pattern?
Rose: VERY tough question!  Too many favorites. Depends where I am headed, if I have to choose I will go with Amore.
Melissa: Hands down Verde Bonita, a rich, vibrant green has always been my favorite hue, throw a little navy in there and give it a nautical flare and I’m in love!
Jaime: Neptune.  I love the sleekness of the deep navy contrasted with the punchy pop of coral.


What is your favorite travel style from cinda b?
All: The Super Tote II.  Perfect for one night or 12 nights, car travel, train travel or plane travel and you can fill it up with all the wonderful things you find on your journey!

Where is your dream travel location? What bag would you carry?
Rose: Italy.  I’d want to take the Mod Tortoise – Super Tote.
Melissa: Greece.  I would want to take the super chic French Linen Vertical Tote. The cross body is an essential for a sight-seeing vacation and the Vertical Tote is large enough to fit my Cannon Rebel T1I (and lenses).
Jaime: Ireland. Neptune Saddlebag II.  It’s a cross body style which is a necessity for being on-foot and it fits all of my daily essentials.


You feel most comfortable in…?
Rose:  An airplane headed somewhere.
Melissa:  My black Patagonia jersey dress and summer hat.
Jaime: Jeans, comfy tank top and flip flops somewhere warm.

Your house is on fire and you can grab one thing (besides family/pets) what would that be? 
We all agreed on this, our memories in digital version. Hard drive, Phone/iPad everything we have created and captured is on those devices (and the cloud).

How can we all b fabulous a little more everyday? 
State of mind. Expect that today holds something significant and be on the lookout for it all day.

My best kept tip for hosting a party or event? 
Lots of basic white serving pieces. No matter what you put in them, your table always looks great.

Favorite Quote: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

A huge round of applause (or snaps, whichever you prefer) to Pear and Simple for sharing their inside scoop with us. If you are ever in Port Washington, be sure to look for the green scarves! Check back each month to find out more about our fabulous cinda b retailers on our new serious, b Spotted. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Pear and Simple is head over heals about the Super Tote II. As we are all dreaming of summer vacation, which cinda b travel piece tags along with you during your much needed getaway? Just for fun, we’ll surprise a lucky reader with a travel item for commenting. 




Q & A: Baby B’s Nursery

February 5, 2014

As Cinda gets ready to convert Baby B’s girly nursery into one fit for a bouncing baby boy, 
we thought you might enjoy a peak inside what she originally created for Belle.  Belle has grown a bit since these pictures were taken, but the room hasn’t changed… yet.  

We also quizzed Cinda about the nursery and got some juicy insights, tips and resources.  

We hope you enjoy!

Q  What was your vision for Baby B’s nursery?

A  Our goal was to create an eco-friendly, reasonably affordable nursery that was beautiful, calm, modern and chic. But here was the kicker…we wanted to do all that using ONLY items made in America. Having this stipulation meant it took a bit more time to complete the room, but I am proud to say that everything (paint, carpet, drapes, crib, bedding, even the diaper pail) was made in the USA.


Q  What is the one piece in the nursery that Mommy, Daddy and Belle couldn’t live without?

Hands down, the changing table is our most essential piece. It is actually a vintage bar that we converted into our changing table by constructing a simple walnut topper, giving it a fresh coat of paint and polishing the hardware. The walnut top has separate sections for the Colgate Kids EcoPad, diapers, wipes and creams. Behind the doors, we store linens and extra supplies. The drawers help us organize all her little accessories. We also love the beautiful, ingenious and indispensable changing pad cover and topper by Olio Studio.

changing table -before_after



Q  Is there a history or a story behind any of the pieces you chose?

A  We had a very narrow space for a bookcase and were having a hard time finding one that fit the space and that was made in America.  Then I remembered a piece that my parents had in their dining room when I was little.  It was a Herman Miller inspired modular bookcase my Dad built while he was in architectural school.  Luckily, my parents still had it in storage.  It is the perfect fit, holds all of Belle’s books and toys perfectly and helps give the room its modern feel.


Q  What are your favorite pieces and why?

A  I actually have three favorite pieces that I love for different reasons.

The first favorite item is her Spot on Square Roh Crib. We all absolutely adore it! It is so modern and fabulous with its perfect combination of chic lucite and earthy walnut. It makes me happy every time I see it.

I also love the pair of paintings that we hung in her room – and that her Daddy, Mark Boomershine, painted for her. I must admit, it is handy being married to an artist as I can “commission” just about anything my designer mind can dream up. In this instance, I told him I wanted paintings that reflected our love for the sea, that were somewhat girly and that worked within the color scheme I gave him. He ran with that and painted these amazing sea creatures complete with the Roman numerals for 2012, the year Belle was born. These two paintings make the room! For more examples of Belle’s Dad’s art, visit www.boomershine.com.

belle in crib

Q  Where did you find everything for the nursery?

A  I did a ton of research online to find eco-friendly products made in America.  However, whenever possible, I chose to buy locally to support my local economy and my favorite local stores.  One of my favorites is New Baby Products.  They also value the importance of American made products and have a nice selection from which to choose.  I got my Colgate Kids eco-friendly crib mattress from them.  I got my glider and ottoman from B Braithwaite, which is another one of my favorite Atlanta stores.  I also raided my parent’s basement for the bookcase and found our changing table at a thrift store in Palm Beach, Florida.

Q  Do you have any decorating tips to share?

A  My best decorating tip is to find something that inspires you and use it as the springboard for your design.  In this case, I used my cinda b Scala Ivory Babe-A-Licious Baby Bag II as my springboard.  We loved how the Scala Ivory pattern blends soft pink, grey and ivory so I used that as our color scheme for the whole room.


Q  What is your favorite spot in her nursery?

A  Odd as it may sound, our favorite spot as a family is the floor. We love playing on the floor, rolling around and just generally having a merry time there. Belle plays on a quilt the sewers at the cinda b factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana made for us. It is composed of all the different cinda b custom fabrics so like all cinda b bags, it is machine washable and water & stain resistant – which comes in handy. It is also beautiful and something that I know Belle will cherish for many years to come.


Q  How are you planning on converting this girly nursery into one fit for your new baby boy?

A  When we originally designed the nursery, we knew that we wanted to do something that would be perfect for our baby girl but also could be easily changed should we ever be blessed with a baby boy.  To do that, we kept the core items (the ones that are difficult or expensive to change) gender neutral.  Paint is easy to change, so we painted the ceiling a soft pink shade.  To convert it to a boy’s nursery, all we need to do is paint the ceiling a more masculine color, change out the accessories and voila!  We will have an equally charming and fitting nursery for our baby boy once he arrives.

To see more inspiration for Baby B’s nursery, visit Baby B’s Nursery Board on Pinterest.