Consider this your virtual summer vacation...

Many areas of the country are expecting immeasurably hot temperatures, so we've decided to dive into a post that will keep you dreaming of sugar-fine sand and the coastal ocean mist. To get us started, our founder, Cinda Boomershine, highly recommends one of her all time favorite American beach spots, Alys Beach. So grab your cocktail, or your mouse, and scroll through to start your virtual summer vacay! 



Located on 30A along Florida’s Emerald Gulf Coast, what makes this beach town unique and one of Cinda's top vacation destinations is its seamless blend of stunning architecture, sustainable design, concept of community, and of course the Gulf's signature crystal-clear water and sugar-fine sand.  There are inspiring features in every space, nook, cranny and surface, both indoors and outdoors.  It is a design lover's paradise.  Cinda says "stepping into Alys is like stepping into a charming Mediterranean village without having to use your passport.  Each home is a unique masterpiece in and of itself. Combine them all together with beautiful community green spaces, intimate gathering spots and luxurious amenities and it makes for a truly magical vacation spot."


Alys beach was made for those who live for and admire beautiful design, inside and out. The community marries the classic look with the convenience of modern living. The pure white buildings give a very Mediterranean look and are oriented just right to allow the sunshine and sea breezes to reach all the windows. The surreal beauty of the homes' exteriors is matched by an abundance of thoughtful architectural details and beautiful interiors with global influences, which make for a designer's dream. The little touches, like the lighting fixtures and window shutters throughout the courtyards are a testimony to the designer's attention to detail. They give the town the character it's known for!


Can you picture yourself waking up in one of these beautiful, sustainable homes while listening to the waves crashing...the sun peaking through the windows while reading a book on one of the lovely a fabulous cocktail party in any one of these gorgeous interior courtyards?


Cinda's favorite feature of an Alys Beach home is it's interior courtyard.  These hidden courtyards are as unique as the homes they are tucked inside.  They might have a small pool, charming fountain, secret garden, outdoor kitchen or all of the above.  But the one thing every courtyard provides is an enchanted, open, yet totally private, outdoor living space.


While many homes have their own pool, the community pool, Caliza Pool, is not to be missed.  The towering curtains at the entrance of the pool make you feel like your entering something grand and wonderful -- and you are.  Private luxury cabanas and lounge chairs pepper the perimeter of this pool. And like everywhere else at Alys Beach, each and every detail is spectacular and spectacularly thought out.  Even the little ones are thought of at Caliza Pool with the extravagant kiddie pool that's shaded and kid-safe!


Once a year in June, Alys hosts Digital Graffiti, a festival of digital illumination from all over the world. It combines all of our favorites: art, technology, and architecture. Different artists display their work on the white canvas the homes create. Some fun features of this festival are the colorful palm trees and the giant interactive light bright! It is truly a remarkable, and of course colorful, sight to see!

Studio B, also known as a playground for the imagination, is a gallery that is always featuring art by the best of the best and also up and coming artists in the fields of photography, art, design, literature, food, and wine. It is exciting that Studio B offers classes and lectures to provide an inspirational learning environment dedicated to the arts.



Where to stay:  Rent a vacation home with your family or friends.  Go home or go big with this lovely masterpiece, the epitome of design and style. Or enjoy this laid back retreat home, complete with a courtyard oasis and roof top terrace.

Where to dine: Make sure you catch Charlie's Donut Truck in the morning for his yummy, sugary delights. Get there early as they will sell out.  Stop by George's for dinner and indulge in delicious fish tacos on the restaurant porch under a striped umbrella.

What to do:  Catch a movie in Central Park for Cinema Under the Stars, sip lattes at Fonville Press while the kids play on the playground, enjoy a good book and tranquility at Lake Marilyn.  If you are in need of some inspiration take a walk over to Studio B and look at some of the best contemporary artists on the Emerald Coast. And if you can't get enough sun, head out to the ocean and practice your YOLO board skills for the next stand up paddle board beach competition. Click here for more adventures Alys Beach has to offer.

When to go:  If you want all that this beach community has to offer, go in the summer so you can fully enjoy the sun and surf.  But if you would prefer to miss the crowds opt for October when the tourist season is headed to a close.  

Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to the tranquil setting of Alys Beach. This community designed beach town is a reminder that "what once was can indeed still be."  With a million and one things to do on Florida’s panhandle, you and your guests will have no shortage of activities at Alys Beach.

So that is one of Cinda's favorite spots, what are yours?  Leave us a comment and let us know.

xo CB

Photo Credits:
Alys Beach Blog
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