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In honor of National Arts in Education Week, we wanted to take a peek inside the creative and inspiring mind of award-winning designer, Cinda Boomershine. From worldly travels to an up close and personal interest in the history of patterns, Cinda and her contemporary eye for color, has created a collection of colorways to empower women to embrace their personal style. From Amore, our newest pattern, to Ravinia Ivory, the oldie but goodie, Cinda pulled some of her inspiration, along with a Q & A, to share her ideas and concepts behind the collectable patterns that are designed just for you. Q: Describe your creative process. A: I keep my eyes open regardless of what I am doing or where I am. I am constantly scanning the world around me for inspirations and trends for color schemes, new patterns, and new styles.  It is always at the top of my mind, looking for something fresh and innovative to add to the cinda b collection. I look at everything from magazines and the internet to trend services and vintage design books to widen my horizon and assist me in finding what needs to be found. I never forget that inspiration is often found in the most unexpected places. Believe it or not, I even find great inspiration from the great outdoors. I  feel that Mother Nature is often the best source for color schemes. Eventually, I start to see a trend in what I am drawn towards. When this happens, I start putting pen to paper.  


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Q: Why did you name this pattern Amore? A: First off, we were looking for a primary philanthropic focus for cinda b® when we first started designing this pattern. I've always had a tugging in my heart for more heart health awareness; therefore, we decided that our newest pattern needed to embody love and the heart. The beautiful balance of a rich red complemented by a deep burgundy left us no choice than to name the pattern Amore, which means "love" in Italian. This stunning and wearable red is sophisticated yet sassy with a little nod to boho-chic style, allowing a smooth transition from day to night. I am delighted that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Amore will benefit Go Red For Women™ a project of the American Heart Association®.


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Q: How do the seasons inspire this pattern?

A: When we started concepts for this pattern, the beautiful, bold, and bright greens caught our eyes as they ushered in the spring season. We thought that this beautiful green color was the perfect translation for a spring + summer pattern. To complete our color palette, we combined that green of spring with the deep navy of a summer night sky and the rich turquoise of a crystal blue sea. Nothing says summer more than those spent looking up at the stars and the refreshing dip you take to cool off on those hot summer days. We then took some of our favorite spring flowers, gave them a cinda b spin and arranged them into a unique geometric pattern. The combination of the color palette and a striking, geometric floral pattern radiates preppy in its colors and bohemian in its design. Verde Bonita is just that — a beautiful green.

pattern_inspiration4pattern corkboard3 Q: How do you design a pattern that "goes with everything"? A: I was inspired by a classic chevron pattern that I wanted to shake up and make it our own. I played with many color variations, but I never could escape the bright color palette. Here's the kicker: I wanted to design a pattern that would go with everything — black, brown, jeans, etc. With all the bright colors of this classic pattern, we wanted to pair it with a very neutral solid, and ivory seemed like the perfect choice. The result is a pattern, Ravinia Ivory, that works with just about any outfit, which answers this question to a "T"! pattern_inspiration3 pattern corkboard4 Q: How did the Big Apple inspire this design? A: I had the Big Apple in mind for this pattern right from the get go. I wanted to create something sleek and sophisticated so that it would look right at home in Manhattan. This geometrically modified flame stitch pattern (which just so happens to look like the famous NY landmark itself) did just that. The color combination of black, gray, tan, and brown paired with a smoky grey solid, makes Empire Slate my favorite pattern to take with me while traveling for business (especially when I'm visiting the Big Apple)! For more of an inside look to our collectable patterns, visit for the ideas and concepts behind your favorites. signature


  • I have several pieces. They wash and wear nicely.

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  • I know the ivory will get dirty and it says it is machine washable but who durable is the fabric really!? what about a pen mark for example?

    Anna Reuber on

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