Cinda's Packing + Traveling Tips

Whether you are driving to a girls weekend or flying out on a business trip, our fabulous and versatile travel bags and accessories make the perfect travel companions as you go about your adventures and excursions. Here are some helpful tips from our Founder, Cinda Boomershine, for when you're ready to head out the door and explore our wonderful world:


Invest in a good travel set. This may seem obvious (and a bit self serving coming from me), but I promise it makes a world of difference. My go-to set is our Carry-On Rolly and Super Tote II. This combo is perfect for just about every type of trip I make.


Go heavy on accessories. When I pack I always stick to basic clothing items (think dark jeans and solid tops that layer). Then I pack tons of accessories to jazz up my outfits. Our Jewelry Case is perfect for all my bulky and over-sized jewelry. I never travel without it and always fly with it in my carry-on just to be safe.


Go miniature. Get mini sized bottles to fill with your favorite lotions and potions. They are available at your local drug store and will save tons of space in your bag. Plus, it is always nice to have the same comforts from home when you travel.  And this includes your favorite toiletries. I pack my goodies in the Flight Friendly Travel Pouch so I can go right through the security checkpoint line easily and efficiently.


Pack a clutch.  The right clutch can make all the difference in dressing up a basic outfit. Plus, it is always nice to have a small purse option so you aren't always lugging a large purse around. I love the Melrose Clutch as a versatile, hands-free option that takes me from day into night with ease.



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