All About the Fourth

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A look back on all the fun we had last weekend! Geez, why can't all of July be celebrated like this?
The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. When I think back on what it is I love about the Fourth of July it's all the memories made with family, usually at the lake, the fireworks and the food (because who doesn’t love summer cookouts?). Here at cinda b we were so excited for our holiday weekend to begin so we could all celebrate the magic and wonder of Independence Day! Everyone here was off to visit family, watch fireworks at the lake, or to simply enjoy a sunny day celebrating here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My weekend was spent in Chicago honoring the holiday with a cookout and some fireworks to end the night! I rocked my made in America cinda b Hipster which was perfect for walking through the crowded streets of the city during the day and for a night watching fireworks light up the sky on the lake.   The Fourth_BlogPost   Check out some of the freedom festivities some of us around the office snapped a pic of! We'd love to know how you spent your Fourth of July this year. Did cinda b tag along with you? To spread our love of made in America products, one of you lucky Americans might even WIN a little something. Happy Commenting, Stephanie {cb Summer Intern}

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  • We had a cook out and spent the night indoors. We adopted a new dog from the ASPCA and wasn’t sure how he would do with the fireworks. I did not have a cindyb along. However, I would love to have one when I go sailing!

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