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We are so excited to debut our newest Fall 2014 pattern to the cinda b lineup! We've been waiting months to talk about it, and now we are so thrilled to be able to show it off to all of you! The design process takes quite some time: from the design, to coloring, to picking fabric colors, to webbing selection to stitch color and revise, revise, revise... until it's absolutely PERFECT. It's certainly a labor of love.

Our latest pattern, Stained Glass, is so happy and cheery—we are head over heels in love. Stained Glass was inspired by the old-world textures and patterns seen in Gothic architecture. It’s rich hues play together like sun dancing through brightly colored glass. Bold hues of magenta and bright orange contrast with earthy espresso brown to create a sophisticated, yet playful palette that is perfect year-round.





[video width="500" height="500" mp4="http://cindab.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/falling_confetti.mp4"][/video]



We think the pink is the perfect pairing with the espresso brown and hopefully, you will too. Head on over to cindab.com for all of our new pieces and to see the full line.

Oh...and leave a comment and we'll surprise a lucky few with some of our new pieces!

  Imagery courtesy of Pinterest


  • Jennifer Bales

    I have always gone for neutral colors, but the magenta is absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to get this pattern, it’s fun and sophisticated all at once. Just like me!

  • Shirley Green

    I love the new stained glass pattern!

  • Jennifer Ayres

    Stained Glass looks amazing! I recently won the Verde Bonita vacation set from Cinda B and USA Love List. I am so thrilled with the set. I can’t wait to take a trip to use the set. I have been using the set around town and enjoying it so much! I plan on expanding on my Collection now with Stained Glass. I absolutely love how everything is machine washable. :)

  • deborah z

    This is a great new pattern! Love the playful mix of pink and orange against the espresso. I’m always in search of new ways to wear my brighter colors for fall – a big tote bag would pull the whole look together.

  • Jennifer Essad

    love the espresso brown w/this print the brightness of the pink and orange really pop. This just shows us that fall doesn’t have to be boring, color is key !

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