Beach Blanket

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Our *NEW* Beach Blanket is a must need for beach trips!  It features a material that sand and dirt does not stick to, making it the perfect blanket to use at the beach, picnics, sport games or even in your backyard!  Just pick it up when done with your adventure and sand will shake right off!  It folds up nicely and fits in an attached carrying bag with a draw sting close, making it super easy to travel with.  Included is 6 metal stakes to keep it perfectly in place, with a separate pocket inside the carrying bag to hold them.  Just like our other beach items the Beach Blanket is machine washable, water resistant, and stain resistant!  

Dimensions:  Open:  57" D x 108" L   

                     Closed in Bag:  9 1/4"H x 5 3/4" W

Made in the USA