Sophia Backpack Purse

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This purse/backpack is the ultimate definition of a hands free bag that fits anything and everything you will ever need. If you’re looking to travel, hike, shop, carry children, or be the person people go to for, “Will you hold this for me?,” this backpack can check all those boxes at the same time! With adjustable straps, you can determine where the bag will fall on your back. It has pockets on the front to fit things that may need to be easily accessible like your keys, passport, or phone. 

  • Adjustable Straps
  • Front Outside Zipper Pocket
  • Inside Zipper Pocket
  • 2 Inside Pockets 
  • 2 Outside Side Pockets
  • Machine Washable
  • Stain Resistant

8.25"W  x  11.5"H  x  4.5"D  -  36.75" Adjustable Straps

Made in the USA