By land and sea...

NeptuneNeptune Collage

Neptune Collage2

What is it about nautical styling that is so clean, classic, crisp and a bit nostalgic?  It brings along such a good feeling.  Perhaps that is because it makes you think of someplace warm and right about now we are all wishing the Polar Vortex would go elsewhere.

Neptune, our latest pattern for Spring 14, pays tribute to the nautical style that is popping up all over the place.  The deep blue and aqua are reminiscent of the sea and sky.  A pop of coral is also mixed in with those colors to bring just the right amount of cheer.

Check out some of the other pretty things we are loving right now that all go perfectly with Neptune.  With such fabulous accessories, what more could a girl ask for?

Leave a comment in this section and maybe we'll suprise a lucky reader with her very own piece of Neptune to add to her spring wardrobe.  How fun is that?

We can't wait to hear from you!


  • Sadie B.

    I love cute navy patterns! The Nautical style is timeless.


    I LOVE this new pattern! I have a cinda b market tote that I adore! Made is the USA is a big plus when considering a purchase with this exceptional company!

  • Charlene S

    This new pattern is such a breath of fresh air during this dreary and oh so cold January. I love the zig zag pattern. Bright and Stunning pattern choice. Love it.

  • Anne

    I could use a lot more “nautical” in my life … I could use more trips to the ocean, too, but a new “Neptune” pattern Cinda B would be pretty close ;)

  • Amber B

    Love the new pattern! Very classy, but with the perfect splash of color! Lovely!