How we came to “b”



With a passion for color and design, Cinda Boomershine started her Atlanta-based interior design firm in 2002. After earning industry recognition for her fresh and functional approach, Cinda joined the cast of TBS's Movie and a Makeover as the on-air design expert for 8 years. Running from client to client, and all places in-between, Cinda found herself searching for that perfect, everyday bag that was just as stylish and fun as it was versatile and functional. In 2004, she launched the cinda b brand.

For Cinda, it was as important to produce American handbags as it was to create American jobs. In 2009, Cinda partnered with one of the most experienced handbag sewing companies in the country, Hentz Manufacturing. Bob Hinty, owner of Hentz, was the original Vice President of Operations at Vera Bradley where he oversaw their five domestic production facilities and over 1,100 employees prior to their move to China. His decades of experience manufacturing quilted bags give cinda b unparalleled quality.

With the expertise a new manufacturing partner brought to the table, cinda b grew by leaps and bounds. Today, cinda b bags are designed and sewn with pride by the amazing cinda b team in the cinda b Fort Wayne, Indiana headquarters. The brand offers hundreds of style and color combinations, all 100% made in the USA. cinda b products are available online, as well as 1,000 or so specialty gift shops and boutiques in all 50 states.

cinda b tastefully blends solid colors with modern prints. Our poly/nylon fabrics make cinda b bags uniquely lightweight yet durable, water and stain resistant and machine washable. Whether attending to business around town, running to class, or traveling the globe, we have a cinda b for you. So get out there and enjoy all that our wonderful world has to offer with your cinda b by your side.