Love Notes



Send a note to someone special with these unique cinda b Valentine's Day cards!

Download below - and they are all ready to print!

Hints: 1. You can scale these to whatever size you want before printing, or just print as they are at 100%.

2. Make sure you print double sided!

3. When cutting out, use inside crop marks as guides for cutting.

Flamingo Love Card

Deer Love Card

Owl Love Card

And if you just want to give your computer desktop a little love, download the desktop versions here!

Flamingo Love Desktop - 1920x1080

Flamingo Love Desktop - 1600x1200

Deer Love Desktop -1920x1080

Deer Love Desktop -1600x1200

Owl Love Desktop- 1920x1080

Owl Love Desktop- 1600x1200


And always remember, spread love as thick as you would Nutella. <3





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  • Marciaa Carvalho

    So very,very, cute!! Thank you!