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Our face masks are made of 100% poly-cotton and feature a double-ply material that is pleated and hemmed so that it can form to the contours of your face. Two elastic straps stretch to go around the ears for a comfortable and safe fit.

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It all started in early March when we saw a need in the world for more medical supplies. Our owner, Bob, organized a team of 20 sewers, purchased materials and pivoted from building bags to producing protective equipment.


The support we have received from the local community and from the nation has allowed us to expand this project even more.

Our initial team of 20 has grown to over 60 sewers and supervisors. The small order of materials has since tripled in size to accommodate the production of 50,000 pieces of medical equipment.


We must all do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. You asked how you could be involved in our mission to protect the protectors. We haven’t solved the world’s problems, but we would like to help the people who will.

Protect the Protectors

We have only just begun in our mission to protect the protectors. Thank you to all of the medical providers fighting on the front lines for us. We will continue to make the gear to get you through the war.